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What if I want to be a volunteer

(answering FAQ about EH volunteering)

Why to come as a volunteer?
This is a unique chance to feel involved into the creation of the festival, to get in close touch with the organizing power and positive emotions. You will be in a team of people sharing your ideas and still unique. Whats more you will work in the fresh air in the nature. Taking part in actual building and provision brings the feeling that the festival is being built by your involvement. Having visited EH just once you will feel the urge to be one of volunteers.

What kind of work can I do?
The range of work varies a lot and includes
  1. Stage & decoration building (as for decorations you can develop and bring into reality your own design) and organization of toilets, showers, swimming spots, etc. Very creative job!
  2. Cooking includes cooking for musicians and other volunteers. As the food at the festival is prepared on the camp fire the work includes supporting fire places, water provision, and mainly, cooking and dish washing. The good point is that you will never feel hungry!
  3. Collecting donations and fund rising. The work during the festival involves selling T-shirts and other souvenirs to support the festival funding as the costs of the whole event is enormous! Very positive work as you will contact a HUGE amount of smiling people willing to help the festival.
  4. Garbage collecting and utilizing. Thousands of people leave tons of garbage both during the festival and after it. You will make the world and all your feelings much cleaner if you do this job.
If you have any special skills in sound and light mastering or electric montage you are also very welcome.

Will be any food and facilities provided for volunteers?
Each working group, or so called guild, is located in a camp with camping facilities such as camping fire, rain canopy, instruments, toilets and may be showers or swimming spots if the camp is near the river. Food is provided only if a volunteer is regularly involved into the guild activity.

How can I apply?
Please e-mail  to and indicate your working profile.

Is there going to be any organized international camp for non-Russian-speaking volunteers?

Yes. The international team will have an English-speaking coordinator who will organize their work and leisure schedule. International camp members will be provided 3-time meals and tents.


The Empty Hills festival is open for everybody to take part. Whats more  all the work to make the festival live is done by volunteers for free! The spirit of freedom and atmosphere of mutual understanding and tolerance give start to self-expression and cooperation. The need of personal contribution is a natural feeling of both participants and public. That is why all the work ranging from stage and bridge construction and electricity montage to garbage collection is made by voluntary power.

You dont have to be a professional to volunteer. Whats more you will be helpful at any stage preparation, running or cleaning up. You can bring your own designs to life or perform something you have never tried before in your everyday life both in a friendly environment .

Due to a large number of vols and variety of jobs to be done there are guilds performing different tasks: construction, catering, ecology, guards, electricity, sound mastering, etc. Apart from guilds there are Locations functional objects such as stages and decorations, parking, catering points, trade fair.

You are offered to be placed in a camp of a Location or in that of Participants, but you are always welcome at any of other camp fires for tea and night talks.

Catering is going to be centralized. All volunteers actively involved into the festival work are given coupons to have meals 3 times a day in centralized catering points. Otherwise you can cook and eat within your Location or Camp if you want a more intimate meal.

Camp facilities such as toilets, showers, swimming spots are organized by the voluntary powers of each Location.  They are very basic but environment-and-user-friendly and artistic,  according to the Festival Spirit.
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